ZonTracker and scaling FB ads

From beginner to advanced, 5 videos all on this page.

Part A is for everyone.

Part B explains how ZonTracker helps and gives you extra data. 

Part C works with OR without ZonTracker showing the big-picture framework of testing, optimizing, scaling FB ads, as well as the strategy and tactics of implementation, exact details of campaign/ad setup, and hacks for quick wins. 

IMPORTANT: Use Part C strategies to create and test ads (Video 4). Once you are getting sales on Amazon and/or your website, scale up using methods and scenarios described in Part A. Use ZonTracker data (Part B) to help you make decisions which ads to turn off that are not getting sales and which to duplicate/scale (Video 5).

Part A. FB ads experimentation and ideas for Amazon brands

Video 1: Running FB ads for Amazon, example from ZonTracker

Part B. ZonTracker

Video 2: Features of ZonTracker and how it will work for you

Part B. ZonTracker

Video 3: Seeing ZonTracker data in FB Ad Manager and interpreting data

Part C. Scaling FB ads

Video 4: Ad strategy, setup, and testing

Files mentioned are in Facebook group:

Part C. Scaling FB ads

Video 5: Optimization, manual bidding, and scaling