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Setup Instructions 2 of 2 (Facebook)
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- Notification arrives within 2-48 hours
- This setup takes 20-40 minutes in most cases 

If the steps below are too much for you, let us do the steps for you here
Activate Amazon data reporting in Facebook (visual guide is down below the submit form)
Activate tool in your FB Business Ad Manager:

Steps A. Enable ZonTracker App
---> 1. Create basic FB developer account and accept invite under My Apps.
---> 2. In Business settings, go to Apps (Apps may be under Data Sources).
---> 3. Click button "+ Add" 
---> 4. Click "Add an App"
---> 5. Paste the unique App ID sent to you in email from or Yev via FB messenger, click Add App.

Steps B. Add SystemUser 
---> 1. Refresh the entire page. You will have a new asset appear under Business Settings called "System Users".
---> 2. In the drop down, choose "Admin System User".
---> 3. Name anything such as "SystemUserZontracker" and click Create System User.
---> 4. For the System User, click "Generate New Token".
---> 5. Choose zontracker app (includes your email in name). Check mark "business_management" and "ads_management", then click click generate token.
---> 6. Copy the entire Access Token and paste in the field below. Copy it carefully only selecting characters in the gray box with blue font. It might accidentally copy text out of the box. Alternatively, if you click the access token, it will take you to a new page - you can copy it from there too.

Steps C. Create Offline Event Sets
---> 1. Go here to see Offline Conversions (you may have to accept Facebook terms if this is first time on this page).
---> 2. Click "Add Data Sources" to see dropdown menu and select "Offline Event Set".
---> 3. Name it something recognizable such as your email and ZonTracker (
---> 4. Go to newly created Offline Event Set (inside Data Sources tab), copy "Offline Event Set ID"  and paste it below.
---> 5. Click "Create Custom Conversion". 
---> 6. Select your main Ad Account.
---> 7. Step in video is not updated, this is correct: For Offline Event choose Purchase. Click Add a Rule and change "Custom Data" to "Value" and change "equals" to "<=" (less than or equal to sign) and in Value field enter 99999  
---> 8. Name it something like "AmazonPurchase ZonTracker" and click Create.
---> 9. Click "Custom Conversion" tab that is in between "Data Sources" and "Partner Integrations" in the top tabs.
---> 10. Find the Custom Conversion you created in step 8 above and copy the ID below the name.
---> 11. In Business Settings, on left side choose Custom Conversions tab. Click "+ Add" and then "Add a Custom Conversion", then paste ID from step 10 and submit. 
---> 12. In Business Settings, go to Offline Event Sets, click the new Offline Event Set, Assign Ad Accounts, select your Ad Accounts and enable Auto-Tracking.

What we're doing here is making sure that each asset (App, Ad Account, Offline Event Set, Custom Conversion) is created and assigned to each other. You can confirm by going to the Business Settings and from each asset go to Assign Ad Account (include your main Ad Account but all ad accounts recommended).

SUBMIT form below.

If multiple accounts, repeat all of the steps and re-submit this exact page for each FB Business Account (but you get up to 20 ad accounts for each business account).

THAT'S IT, YOU'RE DONE! The rest of the setup will be completed for you. 
Next page will provide more info how to interpret data and scale FB ads.
Paste the info from Step B, #5 above.
FB Access Token
Paste the info from Step C, #4 above.
FB Offline Event Set ID
Images (same steps as video)

Steps A

Steps B
Steps C
That’s it! Your data reporting will start in 0-48 hours (typical ~8 hours). After this account  activation, reporting is nearly live as soon as Amazon receives and reports customer info   (usually after customer pays and product is shipped).
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