Privacy Notice
We understand provinding admin access to your Facebook Business Manager to someone else might be a concern. The only reason why we request this access is so we can set up a long and complicated process and steps for you. Please keep in mind the following:
- You own the FB assets created by the tool and data processing.
- We temporarily access majority of your FB advertising data (except billing/payment settings).
- You may remove us from your account at any point after we complete the setup
- We will never touch or edit any of your campaigns/ads unless specifically requested. If this is requested, it will be exclusively for troubleshooting and help purposes.

If you would like an NDA filled out to make you more comfortable with the Facebook access, please send your own form to
* ZonTracker (includes Amz FB Tool and creator Yevgeniy Marusenko) does not directly affect performance of ads or make changes to settings that alter performance of Facebook ads. Amz FB Tool has no liability in performance or ad spend of Facebook accounts that are accessed. The tool runs through the Facebook API and does not have modification permissions to creating/editing ads, thus it is technically not possible for Zontracker to violate any advertising policies from Facebook.

The purpose of the tool is to provide additional data that then the Facebook account owner (Amazon brand/seller or agency) will use for better ROI reporting, to make decisions in turning ads on/off, and changing Facebook ads/settings as your decision that may affect performance and ad spend. FB Optimization feature is designed to positively affect performance of ads. Amazon brand and Facebook advertiser must follow GDPR guidelines. By clicking agree and submitting form for Zontracker access, you agree to these terms with no liability to ZonTracker and also you agree to the Facebook and Amazon policy for advertising, offline conversions, custom audiences, and targeting. Amazon seller agrees to comply with Data Protection policies.
If you are still concerned with privacy issues and prefer not to give Zontracker an Admin level role for setup, please email with questions or to request alternative sign up process. Kindly note that by choosing this option Zontracker does not access your account and you will need to complete 20+ steps yourself, ranging somewhere between 1-1.5 hours to complete (advanced FB users may complete the steps in under 20 minutes). 

This option is not recommended unless you're experienced inside the FB Business Manager.
That’s it! Your data reporting will start in 0-48 hours (typical ~8 hours). After this account  activation, reporting is nearly live as soon as Amazon receives and reports customer info   (usually after customer pays and product is shipped).