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Setup Instructions 2 of 2 (Facebook)
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- Takes less than 5 minutes in most cases 

Activate Amazon data reporting in Facebook!

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A. CLICK HERE to upgrade your default Facebook Ad Manager to the free Facebook Business Manager.
(This step A is optional if you already have Facebook Business Manager. Make sure to assign/migrate your Ad Accounts by going to Business Settings -> Accounts -> Ad Accounts ->. Add an Ad Account -> Ad Account ID)

B. Here's how to add as your Facebook Business Manager Admin: 
(each step is in image below)

---> 1. Go to People in Business settings* 
---> 2. Click button "+ Add" 
---> 3. Enter (backup email will work too
---> 4. Turn ON "Admin" access 
---> 5. Click NEXT and then click Invite (don't assign any assets). You'll come back to the People page.
---> 6. Make sure pending is selected in the People column.
---> 7. Click "Resend invitation" 
---> 8. Copy the URL and paste it at the bottom of this page. (Click resend invitation, now on the pop up). 

SUBMIT form below.

Uncommon: If you have multiple FB Business Manager Accounts, after submitting this page click BACK and repeat steps 1-8 above, re-submit this page for each FB business account. Each Amazon account needs a separate subscription.

THAT'S IT! The rest of the setup will be completed for you. 
Paste the info from above and submit the form below.
* NOTE: Depending on your FB Business Manager, your view might look different and called Users -> People instead of People and Assets. 
* NOTE: Depending on your Business Manager, your view might look different (image below).
If you already invited us but did not give the correct permission, click "Edit" on the top right of the email to edit permissions from Employee to Admin.
That’s it! Your data reporting will start in 0-48 hours (typical ~8 hours). After this account  activation, reporting is nearly live as soon as Amazon receives and reports customer info   (usually after customer pays and product is shipped).