New eBay Feature
Same as the original Zontracker, but for eBay.

Includes full automation (eBay has full API access unlike Amazon).
1. Track eBay purchases.
2. Retarget eBay customers and build eBay lookalikes.
3. Optimize for eBay purchases.
Unique case uses
- Everybody is targeting "Amazon" as a Facebook audience. But you should try targeting eBay customer lookalikes for your website and Amazon ads. Yes that's right, leverage eBay to get more Amazon customers.

- You don't need an eBay strategy if you don't want to. But running traffic to your website or Amazon will inevitably have some people search on eBay. Some people prefer eBay. Track these "spillover" sales without doing anything extra other than activating this feature.
All 3 features included.

Quantity of eBay orders counted across all sources (FB ads or organic).
Less than 100 eBay orders per month
per month
    100-500 ebay orders per month
    per month
      500-3000 ebay orders per month
      per month
        3000+ ebay orders per month
        per month
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