Amazon API made big changes to reduce functionality for many software companies. 
We're creating new features and announcing the Zontracker Konnect Mastermind launch.

No change to your current cost. Original features will have reduced function. You will get: 
1.) Free access to Zontracker Konnect Mastermind ($300 per month value). 
2.) New future features (focused on Amazon + Facebook growth). 

You'll be grandfathered into this plan and the new benefits. Most subscribers have $29 or $58 per month plan but any current plan is eligible. 

Switch current plan to 25% off to keep original features at reduced function (for most will be $5-$15 saving per month). You do NOT get Zontracker Konnect Mastermind. Some new future features will be included and some will require individual upgrades (determined later).

Cancel entire Zontracker subscription. Will lose grandfathered status. We're shifting focus on growth for existing users (before it was a bit more on getting more new subscribers), whoever cancels now will only be able to re-subscribe on a case-by-case basis once you actually see our future announcements of the new features we'll release to the mastermind community.
Mastermind offer is intended for current Zontracker subscribers. Past subscribers should purchase any plan ( to be eligible to submit this form. Some of you may have followed our content for a while and are active in the community but not a Zontracker user, we'll accept new subscribers until July 20th 11:59pm, 2019 to include the Mastermind and grandfathered into current prices.
Make sure to hit SUBMIT button in the form below.

The link to the new Facebook group is at the end of the Google Form above.

Updates will be POSTED HERE about functionality of original features.