Introducing... ZonTracker
The first-ever tool to track Amazon sales from FB ads, automatically.
Are you sure if your Facebook ads get you Amazon sales?

Did you know website traffic can get "spillover Halo" Amazon sales?
You Can't Put the Facebook Pixel on Amazon.
So we found an alternate way.

ZonTracker can track sales in ANY of these scenarios:
            1. Ad directly to Amazon.
            2. Ad to your website.
             3. After engaging with ad,
             Google’s you anyway.
             4. See’s ad but never clicks,
             searches for you on Amazon!
             Yes, this is trackable too!
             5. Social proof. Promote when
             others talk about you.
             6. Amz promo. Let FB optimize
             2-step or redirect. Big potential.
             7. Anything else.
             Don’t put ANY link in ad.  
             Chatbots, Review funnel, etc
             Amazon sales will be tracked! 

 Your Facebook ad can link 
ANYWHERE you want, 
directly to Amazon or to your website

1. FB user sees your ad but does NOT click it. 
2. Then goes to Amazon, searches for you, and buys your product. 

ZonTracker counts which ad assisted the Amazon sale!

At first I thought it's only relevant to SOME Amazon brands. 

I quickly realized, ZonTracker amplifies marketing strategies for ANY Amazon seller.

For many, it saves money that was being wasted on bad ads.
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Richard Greenup
Co-founder of a popular brand worldwide
Need to see if I can get a quote from RDM or JTC
CEO of x
Top 10 business podcast in the world

Facebook Automatically Shows Amazon Sales from a FB Ad.

After simple initial setup, your data appears live. 

There is no external software to access. 

It's in Facebook Ad Manager!
Any FB ad format or strategy will work (lead ad, offer/coupon ad, video, remarketing, chatbot, etc).

You're not actually putting FB pixel on Amazon, nor optimizing for conversions. You're just getting data that you've never had before to make better decisions. 
See diagram in FAQ how it works.
About the Tool Creator
Get early-access to the first-of-its-kind tool. 

You will also be around people that have scaled their FB ads.
 Yev Marusenko, Ph.D.
Director of Ecommerce & Growth Analytics at HEROCLIP® 
Why Yev's story is relevant to you?
Have you ever felt something is missing? Yev did, even in his career as a leading biogeochemist & sustainability expert. 

Almost quit every year, for 10 years! Too much theory in academia, not enough application.

At least Yev always innovated. He moved forward the first-ever Consciousness program at a major university worldwide. 

Not many Ph.D.s will say this, but FINALLY, he awoke from a broken educational system. A YouTube video in 2016 shifted his mindset about freedom of time and money. They are byproducts of intent and value that each of us creates. 

Yev started marketing and realized he can amplify ANY message. Today, his circle of people are pretty much only entrepreneurs.
Now, using his Ph.D. knowledge of experimental testing and data analysis, he cracked part of the Facebook advertising code and Amazon algorithm.

He hangs out in the same Facebook groups and events just like most of us. It's fun to help fellow marketers + entrepreneurs simplify data and make impact in the world.
Yev has presented at the same events and podcasts as our favorite leaders...
Russell Brunson, Ezra Firestone, Scott Voelker, and the good-looking Ryan Daniel Moran...
What People Say About Yev & ZonTracker

“Yev is a Jedi Master.”
Leandro Vieira
CEO of 
5+ million monthly web visitors

“I hired a FB person just to implement Yev's strategies
Jonathan David
7-figure Amazon company & 
innovative business model

“Yev, is one of those rare and brilliant people who is ready to help....
Stella Rubinshteyn
Pioneered new Amazon category

As the first ever tool at what it does, 
it's finally released outside of private masterminds.

Be among the first to get ahead of the curve.
May 2018 
Early-Access Launch
Lock-in price at 33% OFF!


$25 $38
per month

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ZonTracker access

1 Amazon account
2 Facebook Business accounts

50-90% attribution (explained below)
48 hr+ support response
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$60 $90
per month

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ZonTracker access

3 Amazon accounts
6 Facebook Business accounts

Better attribution
0-48 hr support response
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$180 $270
per month

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ZonTracker access

10 Amazon accounts
15 Facebook Business accounts

Best attribution
Best customer support
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Which plan is for me?
The STARTER plan has 100% functionality. BASIC/PREMIUM has more accounts and ensures higher attribution.
What is attribution?

Amazon sales are attributed to FB ads (matching customer through Amazon + FB developers API).

Attribution varies for each unique Amazon account.
For example, one seller can see 50% match rate while another can see 90%, 
even if both are on a STARTER plan.
Most orders are processed instantly but speed (within 0-8 hours) and quality of data improves at higher pricing plans.


10,000 orders

$0.08 per order
$800/mo ($949/mo)
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Facebook agencies and experts spend $1,000 - $50,000+ DAILY because they scale FB ads that work and turn off bottom performing ads. 

ZonTracker just leveled the playing field for Amazon brands!

Now go find and amplify your million dollar Amazon funnel.
 SUMMARY: What is Zon Tracker exactly?
It's a web application that works in the background, you never need to access it. 

You're purchasing usage for the tool. The tool works on our server. It's all automated through Amazon and Facebook API. After initial setup, you'll only have to go to your Facebook account as usual to look at ad data with a new column for Amazon sales. 

Finally, see if your FB ads are leading to Amazon sales. 
It will save you money and help you scale up your sales/growth.

This is mandatory to scale ads. Make interpretations easier to duplicate ads, turn off bad ads, and make decisions to go from $5 per day ad budgets to $50 per day, $500 per day, and $5,000+ per day, just because you see a more accurate ROI for your website and/or Amazon marketing.
VIDEO: Yev shows ZonTracker scenarios.
 How does the tool work?
1. It pulls Amazon customer and order info, matches to a Facebook profile, then attributes match to a FB user that was exposed to an ad from your FB ad account.

Special matching algorithm used with a Facebook app to connect to Facebook API offline and custom conversions, automatically.
* Tracks sales up to 28 days later after ad. Any scenario will work: Clicked ad to website or to Amazon, viewed ad and searched directly on Amazon or via Google, went to your website and later saw email, etc...

** In some instances FB user will see ad, end up on Amazon right away and instantly make a purchase. Product is shipped the same hour. The data is processed from Amazon to FB, matched to a profile and attributed to the ad immediately. That means within 1 hour of ad running, you’ll see data in FB. HOWEVER, in most cases it takes several hours, and because we can’t control Amazon shipping/fulfillment speed, it takes 1-2 days on average.
 Why is this so special?
First-ever tool to automatically track Amazon sales that originate from FB ads. 

Alternatives include using coupon codes, affiliate links, and most commonly 'guessing' for tracking. Manual uploads (as frequent as your VA or time allows) is similar but sucks when you need to make daily FB ad decisions. 
 Who is it for?
Anyone selling on Amazon AND also running FB ads. 

The magic part is that your ads can point to anywhere you want (Amazon, website, chatbot, someone else's site, email capture form, page post with no URL, etc.)
Agencies with Amazon clients. 

Improve your ROI reporting.
 How does email/phone append work?
This is an optional add-on available after initial purchase. 

It will be at $0.06 - $0.09 per append. Lower price than other services, plus you get Zontracker.

Your customer info is sent to a database that matches the name and address with the email/phone. If there are multiple queries, the best match is returned based on sources and how recent it is. The append is ignored if your customer already has phone number info (typical for FBM). You are charged for each append (email and phone separately) only if there is a match. The match rate varies quite a bit across brands depending on many factors (region of customers, quality of data for Amazon customer, likeliness of phone/email data), you have to try it and see but within each seller the variation is usually 10% day-to-day (if your average match rate is 60%, it may be 50-70% any day).
 What is the data delay?
Order info is sent as soon as Amazon reveals the data when the product is shipped. This typically happens 0-72 hours after the order, based on Amazon factors we can't control. The data is sent to Facebook immediately, and then within minutes (sometimes several hours) you will see how many Amazon customers match Facebook profiles. After that, the attribution is updated again within minutes (sometimes several hours additional) to see how many Amazon customers originated from a Facebook ad. Remember, this may be several days after they saw/clicked ad and purchased because of the shipping delay. Very roughly, about 70% of orders will appear and be attributed within 0-8 hours of seeing ad.
 Do you have discounts?
The current price is already discounted for May because it's a beta product launch.
 Do you have a referral/affiliate program?
Yes, includes monthly recurring! GO HERE. Find the early-adopters. It's spreading fast and I've shared it only in several FB groups.
 Do you offer any Facebook or Amazon training?
Check out my free video here from Ezra Firestone's group. I presented how we went from 5k to 100k+ monthly website visitors using a framework for FB ads that can apply to anyone running FB ads. I reveal the testing methodologies, exact campaign/ad set setup, as well as several tactics that I've gathered myself from advanced paid trainings - here I try to simplify them how anyone can go from $100 daily spend to $1000 daily spend profitably, while gathering several hundred email subscribers per day.
 ADVANCED features
These features are currently not enabled or are being tested, may be released if enough interest: 1. creation of custom and lookalike audiences and 2. creation of audiences based on purchase value or type of Amazon products purchased. Additional features that will take longer to implement 3. Access to other marketplaces (currently US only), 4. export of customer data, 5. custom audience creation based on number of stars in Feedback and Product Review.
VIDEO: Yev explains how to interpret data from the tool to amplify Amazon and other channels.
 International markets outside of U.S.
U.S. only Amazon accounts for now. Developing a workaround at the moment to work for other marketplaces too.
Using ManageByStats, ZonPages, SixLeaf Bridge?
Nobody else offers ZonTracker ability for sales tracking so you can continue using all other services. Those services specialize in other features that are worth their cost but ZonTracker also has add-ons (email appends and custom audiences) that overlaps with some of them.
100% Refund.
Unbelievable 100% fully refundable for first month. No reason for you not to try it.
Can we retarget Custom Audiences?
This is an optional add-on available after initial purchase. 

Run FB ads to any of the following:
1. All Amazon Customers.
2. Customers that bought only certain ASIN.
3. Customers at certain $ purchased or certain discount $amount.
4. Customers within any time frame or period.
5. Other Amazon customer/order segments.
IMPORTANT: What happens after you see ZonTracker data?

Many Amazon beta-testers insufficiently only have 1 or 2 ads running.

A more effective approach is to have many variants of your ads. 

Test your images, headlines, audiences, offer AND bidding strategies (See free training for strategies and hacks). 

ZonTracker allows you to make scientific decisions which bad ads to turn off and which ones to scale.

After that, use it for any goal: Amazon keyword ranking, website sales, email list building...